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FÚM FÉIN - About Máire

Myra Zepf was the first Children’s Writing Fellow for Northern Ireland, based at the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry at QUB (2017-19). The Co. Down author has written 16 books for children, from picture books to a YA verse novel. Winner of the KPMG/CBI Children's Book of the Year, two Children’s Book Awards from the Literacy Association of Ireland, two White Ravens, an IBBY Honour Award and two Oireachtas Awards for Fiction, her books appear in 10 languages worldwide. Myra is a keen workshop-creator, collaborator and co-conspirator across numerous genres and artforms, on a sworn mission to inspire children to write their own stories. She works in Irish and in English. She is Artistic Director for Quotidian - Word on the Street.

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